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Premium Youth lacrosse stick designed with a smaller handle that is 2" shorter than standard lacrosse stick length, specifically made for youth players 10U and younger. The junior stick size provides the proper stick length and handle size for developing youth players who are looking for a stick that plays proportional to their size. The CADETTM Head was designed to be easy to catch, throw and pick up ground balls. The updated alloy handle design features the new True Temper “Hammers logo” and subtle black camo accents for a mean look on field.



    • PREMIUM YOUTH CADET HEAD: Designed with an easy to catch face shape that helps direct the ball directly into the pocket and low angle scoop for easy ground ball pickups.
    • YOUTH 28” ALLOY HANDLE: (LEGAL FOR PLAY – 10U, 8U, 6U LEVELS ONLY) The shorter 28” handle also comes in the smaller diameter size, so it fits and feels great in smaller players hands. The smaller stick size gives players better stick control and makes dodging easier for developing players.
    • READY-TO-GO POCKET: The 10 diamond semi-soft pocket in the CADETTM complete stick was designed to create a smooth release out of the pocket for a consistent release on shots and passes. It’s strung ready to play.

True Cadet Jr Stick

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