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Gait has unveiled its latest breakthrough, the Whip2 - an innovative product crafted not only for the world’s best lacrosse player, Charlotte North, but also tailored for players who embody her distinctive style on the field.  The Whip2 promises to once again elevate performance with cutting edge features




Whip 2 - Deception & Hold


Reduced Weight: Experience a lightweight design that doesn’t crumble under pressure like some others in the game enhancing your on-field performance.

Raised Stringing Holes: Achieve a deeper pocket in the sweet spot for precision and control, giving you the edge you need to dominate the game.

Double Sidewall Design: Benefit from a widened catching area and a narrowed pocket, offering the perfect blend versatility and accuracy.

Bullnose Scoop: Revolutionize your ground ball pickups with the Whip 2’s new bullnose scoop, ensuring improved efficiency in every play.


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